Full-Time RVing – How It All Started (It Started In a bathtub)

9fbc3b_84a3f7e5f2a940aa9ed5e0a1cdfa6329Every full-time RVer has a fascinating story about where their journey began. And our story is no different. For us, Full-Time RVing started in a bathtub…

I started a financial planning firm after I was laid off in 2015.  I had a 3-month severance package and figured I’d need 6-months to lay the foundation and onboard my first clients’.  My firm was officially registered with the state in July.  The momentum I had shortly after launching the company came to a screeching halt when the holiday season rolled around.  At the end of 2015, I started to worry about our finances.  I’m sure you can imagine how emotional it was to be struggling with personal finances while running a business that helped people with personal finances.

At first, I had a crystal clear vision for the company. My business plan in terms design, functionality, and operations were executed exactly as I had envisioned.  Then came the hard part…finding clients.  My goal was to help as many people as possible.  Turns out, finding people to help isn’t a easy as it seems.

Out of desperation, I found myself researching marketing strategies online  but the more I researched, the cloudier my vision became.  Everyone had a solution for business growth.  For several weeks, worry and fear trumped optimism and hope.  This was one of the few times in my life when I couldn’t find sufficient answers online.  So, I shut down the computer and with the help of my brother-in-law (a seminary student), I picked up the bible.  After a short few weeks, I stopped searching for my vision and started praying for His vision.

My brother-in-law pointed me to 1 John, which talks a lot about worldly possessions and idolizing.    After reading 1 John, I realized I wanted to “help” for selfish reasons (growing my company and earning more money).  I started praying and I prayed the same prayer any time I had a moment to myself: “Father, guide me with clarity and peace of mind so that Your will is done.  Show me the light, lead the way, and give me the strength to follow.”

One afternoon, I was taking a bath (yes, I take baths) and an idea hit me randomly and abruptly like a ton of bricks: “Sell it all.  Buy an RV.”

I immediately grabbed my phone and started researching the RV lifestyle. And I quickly realized we’d be sacrificing immaterial luxuries for a simple lifestyle and complete freedom.  Mobility would replace living space, experiences would replace possessions, and time with family would replace time at work (hopefully, eventually).  For the first time in history, technology allows us to be mobile and as a sole proprietor, I have the freedom to take advantage of that luxury.  We could travel the country and help people along the way. The selfish and materialistic mindset we were taught to love was the only obstacle that stood in our way. 

Then came the hard part, convincing the wife…

I jumped out of the bath and headed to my wife’s school to pick her up from work, as I normally did.  She jumps in the car:

Me: “Hey, babe!

Her: “Hey! How was your…(interrupted)”

Me: “Ok – You’re about to be really overwhelmed!”

Her (nervously): “Ummmmm…why?”

Me: “I’m going to show you in a minute…answer a few questions for me.”

Her (even more nervously): “Oh Jeez!  I don’t like the sound of that”

Me: “Do you want to travel the country?”

Her: “Ummmm, yes?”

Me: “Would you want to be able to take your family on vacation whenever you want?”

Her: “Ummmm, yes?”

Me: “Do you want the option to be a stay at home mom?”

Her: “Yes!”

Me: “…and help me grow my business?”

Her: “Yes…”

Me: “ok”

Her: “wait…Oh jeez, I’m nervous. You’re freaking me out.

On our way home, I pulled onto an unfamiliar road that looked like it lead to a business district.  Driving further down the road, she starts to see signs for an RV dealership.

Her: “Absolutely not!  You’re an idiot!  Let’s go home!”

Me: “Just take a look at a few RVs…”

We park, get out of the car and a salesman greets us at the door and 72 hours later we were committed to full-time RVing.  We sold everything in our house over the next several weeks and put our house on the market.  Our house sold in less than 2 days and we were living in our newly purchased RV several weeks later.  The entire process, from committing to moving into our RV, was about 2 months.  And although we shed a lot of tears throughout the process and I’m currently typing this blog post while our RV gets fixed, we couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle.

Our world was rocked when I was laid off from work.  We had a newborn baby and we had recently  purchased our house about a year before.  Looking back, being laid off was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  It provided me with an opportunity to reeveluate and recreate my life.  God is first, family is everything and time is priceless.  Now, we can prioritize accordingly.

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Cheers, The Cobia Family

  1. Don’t you just love the way God works in our lives? As you well know,we serve and awesome God. I am excited that you have allowed me to become a small part of your life Derek. Looking forward to seeing you and your family somewhere out there on the road.

  2. Great story! We just sold our house in December, closed on the 23rd and ordered a new RV on the 30th. We wll be on the road part time at the beginning, full time later in the year. Wish I had done it years ago! Hope to see you on the road sometime soon.

  3. God, is the whole reason we’re also going down the path of Full timing. He found his way into my heart in Dec. 2016 and life hasn’t been the same since, it’s been BETTER. He saved me and my marriage.

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