Three Great Ways to Earn Money on the Road

Over the last 6 months, I’ve received messages from people all over the world who are fascinated with the full-time RV lifestyle and the most common question I get is “how do you make money?”  In short, earning a living on the road isn’t easy unless you’re of the few who already work a remote job with sufficient income to support the full-time RV lifestyle. I am not one of those people and honestly, I’m glad I’m not because one of the greatest things about this lifestyle is the thrill of seeking and finding adventure…and searching for ways to make money is a thrilling adventure in itself.

image-3If you’re interested in this lifestyle, you probably love adventure and/or you’re just tired of the same mundane routine day after day. Maybe you’ve always wanted to chase a life long dream but the timing was never right. Maybe you’re tired of working a barely tolerable job for mediocre pay and you’re looking for a way out. Maybe you’re fascinated with the lifestyle and you’re hoping it might be an option to cut costs and retire early. Or maybe you’re like me – 5 years into your career with a family to support and you’ve realized the corporate grind is a miserable existence and you’d rather have time than money. Either way, my take on earning a living on the road is simple: Do what you love to do and find a way to make money doing it. Yep – that’s my incredible advice and your takeaway from this blog post…and it’s just as easy as it sounds.

My wife and I purchased our RV early this year to cut costs after I started a business and fell short of goals. Rather than shut down the company, we decided to change our lifestyle and cut costs. Doing what I love to do and having the time to spend with family is far more important to me than anything money can buy. That said, you can certainly find a way to earn a living using only the methods below, my solution is to focus on building a company doing what you love to do and find other income streams to bridge the gap until your company can sufficiently provide.

If you’re not open to “nontraditional,” the lifestyle and finding work will be challenging. For everyone else, finding income streams to bridge the gap is surprisingly easy…all it takes is a little bit of research. I’ll dive deeper into specifics in later posts but for now, I want to provide some links and resources that I’ve found useful in my quest to find additional income streams.

Write – If you’re a decent writer, put your skills to use! There are a number of different options that pay you to write. Blogging is probably the most well-known option but for those of you who aren’t all that computer savvy, there are blogs that actually pay you to write for them!

  • Start a blog (Unlimited $ potential) – starting a blog requires a bit of “know how” in terms of digital marketing and website building. In addition, you have to be consistent and patient…but it offers the biggest payout in the long-run. As it relates to the RV lifestyle, I believe we’re at the beginning stages of a very large movement. People are fascinated with the lifestyle, so you can essentially get paid for writing about your life and the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way. I’m literally starting from scratch, so I’ll keep y’all updated on the progress of my blog but if you’re interested in starting one, there are hundreds, if not thousands of blog posts covering this topic. Simply google “how to start a blog.”

Keep in mind that although there are many articles out there about starting a blog, some are deceiving. The key to blogging, other than good content and building an audience, is to set yourself up for monetizing. There are many different ways to create a blog but the easiest ways are normally the most limiting in terms of earning money. I started out with a website that I built at but I quickly realized marketing integrations were weak and therefore potential to sell ad space was weak, as well.

The new site was built on WordPress using a Genesis Framework and Child Theme that I bought from StudioPress. I’m still getting used to the platform but I can already see huge differences between the two platforms. I’ll write a post about how to get started with a WordPress website and blog after I’ve had some more time to play with it.

Sell Crafts – If you’re a “do it yourself” craftsman (or woman), you might as well be getting paid for what you’re already doing at home! This is a fun way to earn some extra income and it could turn into a full-time business fairly quickly! 

  • Sell Crafts Online – There are a number of different platforms to sell crafts online. Just keep in mind, you’ll need internet access to set up accounts and to be able to market, enough space in your RV for materials, and a way to ship your product on a regular basis.
  • Sell Crafts at Craft Shows – I’ve met a number of people who do this on the side and all of them say it’s extremely profitable once you learn the ropes and develop a customer base. I bumped into someone at the Yellow Daisy Festival who said she typically makes an average annual household salary during this weekend event alone! She’s been doing it for about 15 years, so she’s built a customer base, but you’ve got to start somewhere! Below are a couple of websites where you can find art shows in your area.

Campground Host/Work Camp – If you want to bounce around from place to place you HAVE to look at this option! There are all kinds of jobs out there that will allow you to travel and work at home!

That’s All For Now!

From what I’ve gathered over the last 6 months, full-timer RVers who work on the road do a number of different things for income. They  normally have a primary income source and several other income streams on the side, which I love because it keeps things exciting and different! Sidebar, the average millionaire has 7 different income streams, so this is a great lifestyle that forces you to think outside the box! 

There are many other ways to earn a living on the road but at this point, I’m still new to this and still researching ways to earn money. As I continue to do my research and test different income options, I’ll blog details about my findings and which options work best to keep y’all in the loop! Until then, feel free to comment with your suggestions about how you make money on the side!

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Cheers, The Cobia Family!

  1. My husband and I really want to travel in an RV but we will need an income. We are in our early 60’s and not really wanting to do a blog. We will be interested in hearing what you find out. Congratulations on hitting the road.

    1. Well we haven’t figured it out entirely but if we can answer any questions, feel free to reach out!

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